University (MSc) Projects


  • Object-oriented system development with UML: Project Tracking & Management System for a firm (2010)
  • System Analysis, Design and Development for Istanbul University Erasmus Office (2010)
    Preparing European Union Project about elders (2010)

Personal Works

  • Designing Management Information Systems for a company (Inforation Systems, training and consultancy company) (2010)

Research Assignments For Courses

  • Using Genetic Algorithms as a Data Mining Method for Learnin Management Systems (2010)
  • Using Genetic Algorithms For Data Mining Applications (2010)
  • Multi-Dimensional Databases And OLAP (2010)
  • Management Information Systems (2010)
  • Information Systems Establishment and Development (2010)
  • New Generation Mobile Communications Technology 3G and Mobile Learning (2010)

University (BSc) Projects

BSc Dissertation (2008)

In order to increase the quality of education and training in a positive way, Installing and configuring computer labs in Primary Schools

  • Creating a portal for all communications and sharing
  • Creating student’s E-portfolio
  • Students working together with collaboration
  • Installing Proxy server for more fast Internet-surfing

Educational Software Project (2008)

Educational Software for Primary School, 6.class, Science and Technology Course, subject: Cell

Instructional Design Project (2007)

Instructional Design for teaching Open Office Software in a firm

Design of Distance Education Project (2005)

Basic Electronics Knowledge Courses

Personal Projects

Production Of Electronic Board (2004)

Was produced Electronic board for registry office

  • Electronic board shows wedding times
  • Electronic board have 240 dotmatrix led(5×7)
  • Electronic board works with microprocessor
  • Electronic board communicates with computer

Using software technology

  • Microprocessor Programming Pic Basic Pro
  • Computer Programming Visual Studio.NET
  • Electronic communication protocols: Serial communication, rs232, rs432

A Portal Design For Showing Wedding Times (2009, ongoing)

A Portal Design For showing wedding times in Istanbul. This portal is developing with Asp.Net and this portal is collecting data in different locations

Installing Server Systems, working Server Systems, teaching in various firms

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint Portal Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Isa Server
  • Microsoft Office